A Glittering Occasion ~ simply lovely ideas on how to get your sparkle on.




Here at Sue Gallo Designs, we simply adore wedding themes! Themes set the mood, and let your guests know that they can expect something pretty spectacular when they attend your wedding.

It is wise to incorporate a few themed ideas into your wedding so that the theme doesn’t become overwhelming. By limiting the abundance of elements that you incorporate will keep the look cohesive with out the tacky overload of details. Add that special touch by creating pieces and decor elements that are unique, but that really show off your sense of style.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you. Elements that will bring a whole lot of glitter and sequins into your wedding so as to create an unforgettable sparking affair.

Set the mood for a stylish celebration of your love. Send off your wedding invites with sparkling envelop inserts. DIY tip Using an envelope liner pattern, create your own glitter paper by gluing glitter onto each of the liners before gluing into the inside of your envelope. c38ce2bfdad11565dfb0a5f78b9e046cFor a less messy alternative, purchase glitter card stock/paper from your local craft store or on-line. Follow the envelope insert pattern, cut, create and glue onto the inside of your envelope for the perfect finishing touch to your invites.

Sparkle up your wedding party. Surprise your gals with glittery clutches, or outfit your maids in fabulous glitter frocks. Adorn your littlest of maids with glitter tops and tulle skirts. What could be any more perfect!




Glitter bags,create these darling favour or confetti bags to celebrate your nuptials. Present these sweet bags to each guest as they arrive at your ceremony. Instead of your guests showering you with rice, flower petals or paper confetti, these bags are the perfect little packaging to contain pretty glitter confetti. If glitter confetti isn’t your thing…use these fab little lovelies to package up late night sweets for your guests to take home at the end of your celebrations. How beautiful would a table full of these glittery gifts look. A most perfect and beautiful way to say thanks to your family and friends.

Glitter dipped feathers. Create lovely glittered dipped feathers to adorn your napkins, escort cards or your centerpieces. DIY tip ~ spray your feathers with adhesive glue and then glitter away! 


Brighten up your dining tables with a sparkly table cloth, overlay or table runner. Choose from one of these table toppers to adorn your guests tables, and go for the gusto with a full sequinned table cloth for your head table. Don’t forget to dress your receiving, favour and cake tables. Any combination will set the mood for a most beautiful and unforgettable atmosphere to celebrate your nuptials.


Sequinned table toppers too much, consider adding glittered covered vessels, vases, votive holders and table numbers to jazz up your tables. Choose your glitter, vessel and then decoupage into a sparkling treasure. Add flowers and voila! A beautiful centerpiece to adorn the dining tables. Top it off with a glittered table number and you have a most perfect table setting.


Let them eat cake… or better yet…a stunning glitter cake. Have your baker create unforgettable delight by adding gold leaf or edible glitter to your wedding cake, cake pops or cup cakes. Oh how delightful it would be to  munch down on a glitter dusted cake pop!


Add glitter drink tags and glittered phrases to the bar. These cute accenting elements will add glamour to any libation offered up by your bar service.


As a bride, you will sparkle with the glow of happiness, love and joyfulness on your wedding day. But how about adding a bit of sparkle to your dancing shoes. Whether you choose the most elegant of heels that exude richness and finery or you go for the more casual look of sneakers..what could be more perfect than sparkly dancing shoes! Just don’t click your heals together too soon…you won’t want to miss a moment of this magical day!


Strike a pose! Create a memorable and super fun photo for your photographer with the use of glitter confetti. Wishes do come true, especially when blown on the wind of glitter confetti!


If you have a design theme that you are considering incorporating into your wedding and need a little help pulling it all together. We would love to hear all about your wonderful plans and help you bring them to fruition.  Contact the design team at Sue Gallo Designs to arrange a time to visit our studio and chat with us all about what you have in mind.



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