an intimate wedding celebration


As our planning comes together for two SGD couples, we’ve come to fall in love with an intimate wedding celebration all over again. Our SGD couples couldn’t be any more different from each other, and that makes each of their celebrations so much more wonderful.

Ashley {my lovely niece} and her fiance Nick, are planning an intimate family celebration in my parents home town of Woodstock. These two love birds cherish each other immensely, have a great love of the out doors and their adorable pooch Fingal. The SGD design team is helping them create an atmosphere that is an extension of their laid back, relaxed personalities that incorporates their love of family, nature, environmentally green choices and my brothers ever so delicious sweets & deserts. 

Our other SGD couple, Liza & Ole found each other later in life. They’ve created a history together in their 5 years together that most only do so after a life time together. They find time in their busy professional lives to enjoy their love of travel, great food and the company of their dearest friends. Their June wedding will be celebrated with family and friends in their beautiful family home that celebrates both their Canadian and Danish heritages. The atmosphere will be a relaxed elegance, where they will celebrate  with great food, fabulous music and loads & loads of romantic glowing candle light.

One thing these two weddings have in common is their small guest lists. I love the idea of creating a smaller, more intimate wedding celebration. It allows for so many more possibilities without skimping on details that will create a more personal and memorable experience for all celebrating along with you.

The smaller the guest list the more creative venue possibilities open up to you. From small gallery spaces to restaurants, private clubs to chic city lofts, or even your home there are so many unique spaces that are ideal for more intimate gatherings. Minimizing your guest list will also allow you to actually get to spend quality time with each and every person your have invited, instead of rushing around your wedding just hoping that you haven’t missed anyone important.

As these two couples will tell you, planning a wedding is stressful, more stressful then they all anticipated.  Minimizing your guest list will definitely reduce the stress levels. A lot of anxiety is poured into hosting a party for people you barely know. So bypass all the angst and include only family and friends you know personally.

With a smaller guest list, the more manageable your celebrations will be. There is opportunity for your guests to become personally involved in your ceremony and reception. Such as asking each to write a wish for the bride & groom on a paper floating lantern. There is less risk of 50 guests leaning over the pools edge to drop the floating wish lantern and falling in than an unmanageable  200.

A more manageable guest list doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to skimp on the wedding. On the contrary..if you approach your guest list more like a guest list with exclusive access, you can actually indulge your guests. There are ways you can lavishly spoil your guests, more so than you would be able to with a guest list exceeding 250 or more. Rather than blowing the budget with bottles of Prosecco for hundreds, when spending the same amount on Dom Perignon for 40 maybe your dream way of toasting your wedding!

When weddings have a more intimate feel, the atmosphere is more comfortable.  Your guests are able to mingle more, catch up with friends and family they haven’t seen in while with more ease.  When you are hosting a smaller affair, you get to spend more time with each and every family and friend that you invited ~ how much more luxurious can that be!


As always, happy planning




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