Anatomy of a Bouquet | Behind the blooms and their costs

Sue Gallo Designs isn’t your average corner flower shop ~ our wedding bouquets are much different than ones you may have picked up at the shop around the corner or received on that special birthday or celebration. Our lovely pieces are custom created with each of our individual brides personal tastes, style and distinctive vision in mind. So that their bouquet is as unique and individual as they are. 

Sue Gallo Design bouquets are lush and full from every angle with plenty of beautiful blossoms. Many of the trendiest bouquets are made up some of mother natures most romantic, luscious and beautiful blossoms which just happen to be some of the priciest petals around. These blossoms can drive the cost of your bouquets up quite quickly. Depending upon the quantity used, the season, and your location you may want to consider less expensive options by swapping out more expensive stems for more budget friendly blooms. Even the newest & hottest varieties of greenery, such as jasmine vine, dusty miller, and varieties of herbs are costly per stem. Pricey blossoms like garden roses, which can run up to $10.00 a stem, can be swapped out for big, full and just as lovely standard rose varieties. Peony blooms are only in season for a short period of time in late spring and early summer. Even when in season they can be a costly addition to any bouquet. Consider using garden roses to give you a similar look and feel to the peony. 

The most amazing flower varieties, such as peony, ranunculus, anemone, astilbe, garden roses just to name a few are now available year round. Flowers that are out of season here, are available and imported from countries such as Holland, France, Italy, and from California and South America. To avoid higher prices due to importing fees, consider using local & seasonal flowers. 

It takes loving hands, time, patience and experience to work with delicate blossoms and to create a bouquet that is simply perfect. So labour fees also play into the equation when pricing out a bouquet. You will pay more to have a seasoned and experienced designer handle your bouquets than you would for a junior designer or a trainee. As no two brides are ever the same, nor are designers and fees can vary depending upon flower company and location.

There are more than just beautiful flowers in your bouquet. Accenting and finishing details such as ribbons, pearls, gems and embellishments can also bring up the cost of a bouquet. By keeping these details to a minimum, the beautiful blossoms you have chosen for your bouquets will take center stage. Help to complete the over all gorgeous vision that you will be on your wedding day.

If your on a budget, and lets be honest, most couples are…be honest, open, and most importably be flexible when discussing your wedding flowers. The SGD team has years of experience when it comes to designing bouquets. We can guide you in the right direction so that on your wedding day you will have a most perfect, a most beautiful and of course the bouquet that you have always dreamed of.

Happy planning and much love xo

Looking to book an appointment with the SGD Event Team…week day, evenings and weekend appointments are now available. We look forward to hearing from you.

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