Anatomy of a Hydrangea

We love hydrangea, and use them when and where ever possible. Available year round, with peak season lasting from early spring to late fall, they are one of Mother Natures’ most bountiful of blossoms.

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Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of beautiful colors to coordinate with any color pallet. From white, shades of pale to vibrant blues, to hues of purple with lavenders and violets to shocking pinks and warm burgundies, with apple greens, antique rustic and jewel tones, the color selection is virtually endless.

The bountiful blooms commonly fill the space of 3 or more flowers, ultimately making hydrangeas an economic choice. Hydrangeas are a thirsty blossom, but if properly conditioned and hydrated well, hydrangea will give you plenty of enjoyment with their long vase life.

Hydrangeas have an old fashioned charm that lends them well to vintage designs. On mass they give any event a simply elegance. Loosely designed along with other garden blossoms, hydrangea help give pieces a soft and romantic garden feel. Simply put, they are perfect for any style of wedding you are planning.

Cheat sheet

In season: Most varieties are available year round with peak season in the early spring to late fall

Price: $5.50 to $25 a stem, depending on the variety and time of season

Colors: Wide range of light to deep blues, lavenders to violets, pinks, whites and creams, and jewel tones

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