anatomy of a ranunculus

We love this delicate blossom for so many reasons, and you can find it popping up in so many of our designs.

The ranunculus is delicately feminine flower that is romantic and lends well to vintage and garden inspired bouquets and centerpieces.

The Tecolote, the most common of the 600 species of ranunculus, comes in almost any color you can imagine. Most often in whites and yellows, but the blossoms paper thin and often ruffled petals can also be found in shades of pinks, oranges, reds and a variety of pastel tones. There are some varieties of the blossom that sport significantly fewer petals, but still retain the lustrous quality ranunculus have come to be known for.

Native to Asia, the ranunculus is a perennial that fares well in cool dry climates with mild winters. Blooms are abundant in the spring and early summer, but can be found out of season from Holland.


Cheat Sheet...

Ranunculus are in season from early spring to early summer.

Price Point $1.50 to $2.50 a stem depending upon the season ~ with bouquets starting at $150.00

Available colors ~ shades of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, pastels and white

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