Bridal Bouquet Styles ~ which is perfect for you?

Choosing the right style of bouquet to carry down the aisle is pretty important, don’t you think? Not only are all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, but you want to ensure that it matches with the look and feel of your wedding day. There are loads of styles to choose from, from a hand tied, to a posy, to a nosegay, to the elegant and classic cascading bouquet, there is a style to suit every style, personality and bride. So without further ado and a little help  from the’s bouquet chart, lets get down to helping you choose the perfect bouquet for you to carry down the aisle.

bouquets The Nosegay: If you happened to be tying the knot in the fourteenth century, you would more than likely have had a bouquet that was more greenery than flowers, and those greenery elements would have been herbs. Herbs were there to mask unpleasant odors, thus the name Nosegay. The modern day nosegay can include an array of different and fragrant flowers tied together into a round cluster. This style of  bouquets vary greatly from one another and are a great choice for any wedding.


Posy bouquets can typically be held with one hand, can come in a variety of shapes, but most commonly round. This bouquet is simply perfect and a pretty popular choice for your maids or flower girls because of it’s smaller size.

stephanie & andrew3

Since we are talking the littles of your maids, lets chat about the Pomander Ball. The sweet ball of flowers tied and held with a pretty satin ribbon is perfect for the littlest of hands to hold.

pomander ball

Having a BoHo styled wedding? Looking for that fresh picked look or gathered feeling? Why not consider a hand tied bouquet. If you choose this lovely style, the Sue Gallo Designs team will design your bouquet by placing the stems of the flowers in their palm and keeping wrapping more and more flowers around the center of the design before tying the stems together. The stems are left mid length and the looser construction of this bouquet lends itself well to casual and outdoor weddings. hand tied

The Composite Bouquet is such stunner! If you are wanting to make a statement on your wedding day than this is the bouquet for you! Layers of rose or flower petals are woven around a single flower to create a gorgeous oversized blossom. You may have to scrimp and save for this one, as it is labour intensive, this bouquet is can be quite costly. But certainly worth it in our books! composit

The Cascading Bouquet is an opulent style of bouquet that will flow (or cascade) down the front of your gown. The most famous cascading bouquet was the bouquet  that of Princess Diana carried when she walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. Over sized, flowing and absolutely beautiful. Cascading bouquets are created with many blossoms and trailing green, and some can even be hand wired into place, leaving this bouquet to have a price tag that matches its opulent style. cascade

The Pageant or Presentation Bouquet is quite similar to a cascading bouquet. It’s pulled together a bit more formally and held across your arms. Think of Miss America … perfect for the secret beauty queen hiding inside of you. pageant

The Round Bouquet  If you like rounded bouquets, this might be the one for you. This bouquet is precisely what it sounds like: very round, and can sometimes be very ball like. The flowers are tied or wired together to create a very tight structural ball. This type of bouquet is great for classic, traditional weddings if you choose to go with one type and color of flower.round It also works great for contemporary and modern weddings with bolder colors and a variety of flowers. image-6

We’d love to chat with you about your bouquet, and what bouquet would be simply perfect for you, your gown, your vision and your wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you and all about the fabulous wedding you are planning. As always, happy planning xo

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