Color of the year ~ Radiant Orchid

radiant orchidThis pretty shade of purple is Pantone’s 2014 colour of the year. With so many of  brides visiting the Sue Gallo Designs studio with purple on their mind, we weren’t surprised to find that it was going to be a top pick for next year. Radiant Orchid is a pretty and warm tone, that we will see making its way into weddings everywhere. From the colour of the girls gowns, to the nail polish and lipstick to the flowers and detailed elements throughout the celebrations this lovely shade will be everywhere.  If you are not sure that you are ready to take the plunge with this cool tone, rest assured there are hues of this lovely shade that are equally stunning. Whether you are planning a wedding that is soft and romantic, or modern and chic soiree, its feminine hues of  violet, orchid, lavender and purple are perfect for your celebrations. Complimenting every skin tone, it makes an absolutely perfect colour palette for any wedding celebration.

Radiant Orchid is a tone that will change slightly depending upon the colour that is pared with. Whether you are choosing to pair it with slate grey, canary yellow, sage or even cherry, this pretty shade is our pick for a show stopping celebration. Here are some wonderful combinations that we love this colour with.

purple gray


I love this inspiration board for so many reasons. The fabulous and varying shades and hues of plums, lavenders and purples combined with the warm ivory lace, grey tweed and wood tones are a perfect combination. They remind me of the fall grape harvest, romantic vineyards and cool autumn evenings. What could be more perfect!


purple sage


Can anything be any more french than Art Nouveau. This design style is simply perfect for those inspired by their Parisian engagements. The muted tones so popular with the Art Nouveau styles, those like sage and lavender are subtle, romantic and elegant.

purple blush


The subtle accents of purple berry in this inspiration board is so wonderful when paired with the soft romantic shade of blush pink. It’s important to remember that when you are working to combine colour combinations is to ensure that the tones don’t over power one another. Keep it simple and the over all affect will be simply perfect.

purple red


The rich tones of ruby red, gold and purple are so royal and regal feeling. So this is a perfect colour match for  planning your fairy tale wedding to Mr. Prince Charming. Looking for the perfect setting for your grand ball, think about an elegant ballroom to introduce this strong and bold colour pallet.

purple yellow


Nothing says summer than sun shine or lemon yellow. For a fresh and youthful celebration considering incorporating this perfect colour combination. Lemonade, orchards and being surrounded by fabulous friends and loved ones sounds like the perfect wedding celebration to me.

As always, happy planning xo

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