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tiffanyblueandwhite2When it comes to picking out a colour palette for your wedding, there are no rules.

You should at least know your colour families. This is particularly helpful when selecting hues you plan to incorporate into your wedding.

Strong, full and vivid hues such as reds, blues, yellows, bright pink, magenta, purple and green are all included in the primary and secondary color families. Medium shades are less intense and can include soft pink, lavender, peach, ocher, butterscotch, light yellow. With ivory, mushroom, white and creamy yellow being considered soft hues. 

Mixing these color families can give a more textured three dimensional effect to arrangements, bouquets and decor. Making the contrasting individual colours stand out. An arrangement of lavender roses will look even more stunning mixed with a contrasting shade of purple roses.

Don’t be afraid to use rich hues. If you love deep burgundies, plum or even mango, you should not be shy about using these colours no matter what season your wedding happens to be.

To avoid the one dimensional look, consider avoiding using one shade of white. Softer tones such as ivories and eggshells are warmer colours and are much more flattering in photographs. With colours on film, the camera tends to scan over the stark white, removing the dimension that would normally be found in videos. Layers of colours in various shades and hues will create depth and much visual interest.

To create a multi-dimensional color scheme, layer your colours. So if you are a big fan of lavender, try layering a table cloth over deep violets, add another accenting colour like chartreuse for contrast. Layering with accenting colours will give your primary colour, like the lavender, more impact. Layering contrasting colours will work best with lighter shades. Try various shades of ivories, champagne, parchment, taupe and flesh tones for an elegant look that carries a lot of visual impact.

Don’t be afraid to be open and to experiment. Hit your local hardware store and visit the paint aisle. Paint chips are a great source of inspiration. They are organized accord to colour families, with accenting shades and hues. Who knows what will inspire you.

As always, happy planning.



{Inspiration board sourced from Weddings Illustrated}

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