Complimenting bouquets

After you have designed your bridal bouquet, the challenge can often be to compliment the flowers for the rest of your wedding party. We can help with some suggestions on how to pick blossoms that will co-ordinate with your fabulous bouquet.

Your bride’s maids bouquets should always compliment your bouquet, either in color, flower selection, texture, shape or materials, but on a much smaller scale. The gent’s boutonnieres should echo the same look and feel that you have chosen for the gals to carry.

Since there are no rules on who should carry what any more, the notion that your maid of honour should carry something slightly different, or larger than your other girls isn’t the rule of thumb anymore. Most bride’s choose a bouquet that is the same for all of their attendants. But if you are still set on create a special bouquet for your bff, than why not consider a bouquet that is on the same scale as the others, but with a slight variation in color or flower combination.


When considering blossoms for your gals, the options are many. You could have a bouquet created that is a smaller version of your bouquet, or one that has the same flowers, but with a variation in color pallet. If you have chosen a gown for the girls that varies in design style, but similar in color, than why not consider selecting bouquets created with different flowers that match the flowers in your bouquet for each girl with a consistent color pallet. Why not consider choosing a bouquet that co-ordinates with the look and feel of your centrepieces for a overall cohesive feel with a flow of flowers, colors and designs styles.  With so many choices available, this might be your hardest decision to make.

Flower girls on the other hand, are cute, sweet and who doesn’t want them to be picture perfect. As most churches and venue’s no longer allow the tossing of fresh petals, why not consider having them carry a sweet little mini posy that coordinates either with your bouquet or with that of the attendants. Pomander balls are too cute and are easy to carry down the aisle. The girls will look adorable wearing headbands or head wreaths with matching blossoms. Just be sure that they are comfortable, the headbands and wreaths should be size appropriate and loose enough not to pinch.

Kirsten 1

The groom’s boutonniere should accent your bouquet perfectly. It shouldn’t necessarily be larger than the other gents, but should be more distinctive. A tasteful and masculine look can be created with a few blossoms that you  carry in your bouquet. The groom’s men should also echo the look and feel of the bride’s maids bouquets for a more cohesive look. Add finishing details that match the girls bouquets, such as ribbon binding and pins. Be sure to have someone on hand for the gents who can ensure that the boutonnieres are secured on tightly on the left side of the lapel jacket.  A perfect job for the Mother of the Groom.


As always, happy planning.


Thanks to our fabulous & very talented photograph friends, Kathy DeMerchant & Daniel Wylie from Dew Imagery for their wonderful shots of our work.

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