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I have always wanted to attend a wedding in an old Scottish Castle. With a little thanks to Sue Gallo Designs couple Cyndie and Mark, my wish kinda came true…and I didn’t even have to leave home.

Mark had attended Ridley College in St. Catherine’s as a lad, and both were over the moon excited about exchanging vows in the Schools Private Chapel. They both gushed about how beautiful the chapel was on the very first day I met with them. But they never told me it felt like an old Scottish Castle Chapel. I was in love with the space as soon as I entered it’s arched doorway. The hallowed hall was beautiful, warm and  filled with so much tradition. I can truly see why this sweet couple wanted to start their new life together in this magical and meaningful space.

Here is a sneak peek into their beautiful wedding day so elegantly captured by Heidi Ram of Ribbons & Twine Photography.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_272329a4fcab965255fbb4b0493bcab80e2bf744c86e0a663ea54f56a5a631d8bfd9518b5ac34d0d5cbd839383a086b38b4853e7fc6f85222a8dc60b8dadf8f7006e

Cyndie was so sweet as to send over a quick note of thanks

“Hi Sue, Thanks for the awesome service at our wedding, all the flowers were amazing and I got so many compliments on the centrepieces!! The hall was completely transformed and everything was even better and more beautiful than I expected. Our photographer has posted some pictures of the day and there are a bunch that showcase your beautiful work.

Thanks again and hope you a have a busy and wonderful wedding season, Cyndie”

The Details

Fresh Flowers ~ Sue Gallo Designs | Day of Coordination ~ Leave the Details to Me | Photography ~ Heidi Ram of Ribbon & Twine Photography | Ceremony Venue ~ Ridley College Chapel | Reception Venue ~ Liuna Station

More of Cyndie & Mark’s Ridley College & Liuna Station Wedding can be seen here

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