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mason jarVintage chic, shabby chic, rustic country and country casual are all tends that have taken hold on the imagination of many brides. These fabulous inspirational themes, all use the ever popular mason jar to anchor the base of centerpieces. If you are seeking another way to make as much of a statement as this versatile vessel does for the causal wedding vibe, read on.

Looking to create tablescapes that coordinates with the look and feel of your wedding and wow your guests while doing so? We’ve found some great alternatives for you. They just don’t have presence, they say “look at me…I’m fabulous!!!” They will set the tone for that weddings style you have always been dreaming of.

For a country Rustic or Nature Inspired look, why not consider a birch vase  or box. The textured and natural appearance of birch instantly brings the outdoors in. Surround your centerpieces with some fresh moss, and it simply perfect for that country rustic wedding. Dress up your table linens, add some candles for the perfect finishing touches for a country chic or garden inspired wedding. birch

Looking to create a vintage chic inspired wedding, go for mercury glass vases. Created first in the 19th century, and considered the first “art” glass, nothing is better suited for that antique-y look than mercury or silvered glass. mercury

Don’t forget about all that fabulous etched crystal Grandma has stashed away in her china cupboard. They are the real thing, and will help bring to life that classic & regal wedding you’ve been planning. The elegant patterns in these brilliant creations won’t stand in the way of your beautiful blooms and truly wow your guests. crystal

The romantic wedding, sure, isn’t every wedding romantic? But some weddings are just planned with a definitively sweet, romantic approach. Vintage glass, milk glass, old bottles and other vintage florist vases are the perfect vessels to contain your blossoms. The best place to hunt for these little treasures are second hand shops, flea markets, garage sales, and don’t forget Grandma’s curiosity cabinet. There are bound to be some fabulous finds that you can borrow for your best day ever!vintage glass

I love the atmosphere’s that country farms and fruit orchids have, and would certainly consider {if I could convenience my husband} to have a second wedding surrounded by fruit trees and the sweet smells of spring. If you are luck enough to be planning a wedding celebration surrounded by apple blossoms, grape vines or your family farm, choosing vintage canisters to contain your flowers is the perfect finishing touch. canister

In love with one or all of these fabulous looks, but need a little extra help pulling it all together? Give us a call. We have oodles of vintage glass, canisters, crystal and birch containers within our collections. We’d love to share them with you and help give you the fabulous vintage or country rustic wedding you have always been dreaming of.

As always, happy planning!

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