Did you know you can preview your flowers before your wedding day?

We know that you’ve been planning your wedding day forever. We know that you want it to be simply perfect, just as you have always imagined. So why not get a sneak peek at your bouquet and your table scape before your wedding.  Seeing them in person, touching & holding your bouquet in your hands and seeing your table scape in the space that they will adorn on your wedding day … There is no better way to envision your dreams. 

The Sue Gallo Design team wants you to know that when you walk down the aisle, and later make your grand entrance into your wedding reception that you know what to expect, and feel confident that it all will be simply perfect. As part of our detailed planning with you, we will provide you with a creative perspective with a scaled back version of your bouquet and table scape. This will allow you to get a sense of the look and feel that your flowers and decor will have on your wedding day. It will also allow you to see how the different flowers, colour pallets, and textures will together. We can tweak, change and rearrange if necessary to ensure that it is exactly what you have been envisioning.

As there is no concrete time frame to hold your creative perspective, it is best to ensure that all of your main elements are in place prior to arranging a time. After you have booked your venue, decided on a look and feel for the wedding as well as colour themes, and flower combinations a time can be arranged to pull of the elements together.

Although great perspectives can be created within the SGD design studio, we often suggest that we view your creative perspective at your reception venue. That is if timing and your venue allows. As you will be able to see how all of the elements will work together with the atmosphere that they will inhabit during your wedding reception. 

What do we bring to the creative perspective you might ask…well all of the elements of course. This can range from table linen, flowers, charger plates, candles, menu’s, table numbers,  glassware, chair rentals and much more. Seeing the grand picture is important, so we ensure that we have as much on hand for you as possible. We  will even bring back up options, so you can swap in pieces to give you that exact look.

Who should be present at your perspective? Not too many people, because you don’t want to give away too much before your wedding. But we do suggest you and your fiancé of course, a  wedding planner if you happen to be working with one, the venues event coordinator and your parents if you wish to share your vision with them.

So remember, your wedding is closer than you think, and it will be here before you know it. So finalize the details, make some time and give us a call. We are just as excited to see your vision come to life as the both of you are!

As Always, happy planning. xo




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