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A large part of your reception atmosphere are the centrepieces you choose to adorn each of your dining tables. These arrangements not only anchor your reception dining tables, they also help set the mood, command attention and create a unique and individual dining atmosphere for your wedding guests. These useful tips are everything you need to know when planning your wedding centrepieces. 

The event team here at Sue Gallo Designs just love the look of various tablescapes on the dining tables. By selecting 2 or 3 centrepieces that vary from each other but still have a consistent look and feel will create texture and warmth throughout the dining room or ballroom.

Choose flowers that have a cohesiveness to the bouquets. To avoid that old school banquet reception look, have centrepieces that are reflective of the bouquets. Choose similar colour tones, and similar flowers with a different twist so things aren’ t too matchie 4

Go seasonal to ensure freshness. Go local where possible. Use big blossomed flowers such as peony, garden roses, hydrangea, chrysanthemum to fill out your arrangements. Be flexible on your flower varieties to help keep costs to a minimum.

Be creative. Incorporate fruit, fresh peaches for spring, textured citrus for summer, red toned apples for fall and lovely merlot toned globe grapes for winter. Use wood elements, vintage jars from your grandmothers and great aunts china cabinets to create a table scape that is unique as you are. blog4

Remember to keep the sight line open, so that your guests will be able to see each other no matter what. Use low centrepieces, tall candelabras or thin stemmed clear glassware. Nothing worse than seeing that lovely and expensive centrepiece that you so lovingly chose sitting on the floor beside the table because your guests can’t see each other.

Take care on using too many fragrant blossoms in your centrepieces. Flowers like casablanca lilies and gardenias can really interfere with the amazing aromas from that expensive prime rib or delicate seafood entree you have selected for dinner. If these flowers are a must, have these fragrant flowers incorporated into surrounding accenting florals such as ceremony arrangements or welcoming arrangements in the venues lobby.blog4

Add a romantic ambient lighting to your dining tables with the use of romantic candle light or more contemporary pin spot lighting. What good is a beautiful table scape if your guests can’t see all the wonderful details and blossoms. blog4

Choose vessels that complete the over all look and vision of your wedding. They are just as important as the blossoms that you choose to fill the vessels with. Think antique glass or silver for a vintage themed wedding. Think elegant crystal or gold candelabra for that ever so elegant and chic ballroom reception. What about old tin for that rustic and garden wedding.

blog4Most importantly, remember the look and feel of your theme. Your centrepieces should coordinate and help tell the story of your wedding. Planning a winter wedding at a ski lodge in the mountains, green limes and oranges aren’t the thing for you. Try using berries, birch, and evergreens instead.

As always, have fun selecting your wedding flowers and remember that it is a process. Choosing the most perfect pieces to surround you on your wedding day takes time to get it just right. Start that Pinterest board you’ve always wanted to start. Start dreaming…it will all come together most perfectly!

 Need help getting it just right? Remember the SGD Event Team is just a call away.

Much Love xo

Feature Image ~ Elizabeth Ann | Peach & Green |  Peach Box| Candle Light ~ Elizabeth Ann | Casablanca Lily Centerpiece ~ Colin Cowie | Powder Blue Inspiration Board ~ Elizabeth Ann |

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