fabulous floral trend 2014 | how big do you dare to go?

So have you noticed lately that pinterest is over flowing with unstructured, cascading bouquets? Well, I have, and it’s a trend that I’m simply in love with. Its a throw back to the bouquets of the 1920’s, the Gatsby era, with dramatic scale, asymmetrical designs, luscious and abundant foliage, and a married mix of colours. Big lush bouquets that scream garden elegance of course romance. articial1

photo credits Burndett’s Board

I am a huge fan of fabulous foliage, so it’s lovely to see it in abundance. This prevailing theme uses large focal flowers, such as peony, garden roses, with lots of little frilly bits like ranunculus, queens anne’s lace, veronica, sweet pea, anemone and so many more that gives the impression of being just picked from the garden. So think locally grown, organic blooms, and seasonal flowers for a most stunning bouquet.

There is always a way to create stunning pieces to suit every kind of wedding, every imaginable theme. So how big do you go??? Create a grand entrance, a focal point to welcome your guests to your celebrations. Need to disguise an eye sore, or awkward feature..want to embellish a natural or architectural feature … think big, think beautiful and make a statement! articial3photo credit Style Me Pretty 

With dramatic colours, scale, and the use of over sized props create a theatrical appearance, makes a personal statement that is an extension of your personalities and personal styles. So whether you choose to incorporate structured elements, or ones that are more on the wild side, how big do you dare to go with your wedding florals & decor?

articial6photo credit Kachergina

As always, happy planning xo

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