helpful wedding tips

Every couple wants their wedding to be special, unique and truly meaningful. In order to get your creative juices flowing, we will be posting regularly some of our best tips for creating a truly fabulous wedding that will leave your guests talking ~ in a good way of course! 

TIP #1  Don’t toss your bouquet, dedicate it!

The ‘bouquet toss’ is one of my least favorite of the wedding traditions. There is something meaningless and tasteless about watching beautiful single women race to the dance floor in anticipation of fighting off others for a bouquet.

I often suggest to our brides to take a moment and dedicate the bouquet to the one woman in the room who has made the greatest impact on her life, often a mother, grandmother, aunt or friend. It is a welcome change and it definitely creates a memory that all will remember fondly.

Next week we will chat about creating an atmosphere with centerpieces designs.


Thanks to Jon Evans from Mill St. Studio’s for this beautiful image of Carla and her stunning bouquet.

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