How to create a beautiful wedding with the colour blue

As of late we have had a number of couples visit the Sue Gallo Designs studio wanting a wedding designed around the colour blue. Whether it be blue gowns, blue linen, blue flowers, blue shoes…they are just unsure of how to pull it all together perfectly. So I thought I’d give you a few suggestions to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams, may it be with the amazing hues of blue, or tones of pink, peach, gold, silver or purple. Following these simple guide lines will help you to create a simply beautiful affair.  

Mother nature in all her lovely glory, hasn’t been too generous with the colour of blue. She’s limited the choices to just a handful of flowers, such  light and dark blue hydrangea, light & dark blue delphinium, dark blue cornflower, medium blue muscari,  thistle and light blue agapanthus. Then there are the blue purple toned such as anemone, veronica, and delphinium.

I can not stress enough that you should stay away from blue dyed or tinted flowers such as roses, orchids, daises and other flowers you see in the corner grocery store or flower shop. Flowers natural sweat, this allows the dyes or tint to bleed and can leave unremovable blue stains on your gowns, table linens and furniture. So we always avoid this disaster way before it begins and only use naturally blue flowers in all of our designs.

If  you have your heart set on blue flowers, there are a few ways to create bouquets that will help set the mood for the day. You can choose to have large blossoms such as the hydrangea that acts as the main focal flower within the bouquet and or centrepiece or you can choose to have  hydrangea, delphinium, cornflower, thistle or muscari depending upon the time of the year accent your bouquet and centrepieces as secondary colour tones. Both are perfectly lovely. In the end since there are no rules about combinations,  it is all about how you like your bouquets to look and feel are are trying to achieve.

blue board2

There are other ways to incorporate blue into your wedding. I am a big fan of various shades and hues of one particular colour to create a cohesive and finished feel to an event. It is a warmer, more elegant and finished feel to an environment. Whether blue is your colour of choice, or you are stuck on another hue use these helpful hints to pull everything together. blue board4

Whether planning a garden party, elegant ballroom reception, shabby chic celebration, it is important to bring in your favourite hue in various individual elements. It can be as bold as the table linen you choose to adorn your tables, or as subdued as your napkin choice. Choose to make a statement with your wedding cake, or bridesmaids gowns. If you prefer to have blue as your accenting colour, than incorporate it into your stationary, yard games, menu design, escort seating plan. Just remember to keep the introduction of that particular colour subtle in a number of various elements. So that your event celebration looks cohesive, finished and of course fabulous. Keep an even balance of colour throughout your event, don’t over do it though. Sometimes it can look chintzy,  way to over stated and unorganized if used everywhere or only in one or two places. 
blue board1 Most importantly, have fun with your colour of choice. Enjoy the process of pulling it all together, be creative, inventive and fun with your final vision. Create inspiration boards to help keep your ideas together. Pinterest, Style Me Pretty and The Knot are perfect sites helping you pull your vision together. But remember if you ever need a hand at making it all work we are just a phone call away. We’d love to hear all about the fabulous wedding you are planning and the amazing colours  you want to use to bring it to life.

As always, happy planning. xo

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