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Upon visiting the flower market this morning, I realized that Spring is really isn’t too far away. So I thought it would be a perfect time to re-introduce some of our most favourite Spring blossoms.

Although it is January, it’s not unusual to find the most fragrant dutch Lilac, romantic & luscious Peony, french fringed Tulips, vibrant Ranunculus, Lavender Clematis and the most amazingly delicate Sweet Pea by the bucket full at the flower markets. While some of  these gorgeous blossoms come in multitudes of colours, others grown on trees & vines, and some only available for a very short period of time.  All are romantic soft and available in the most wonderful pastel tones for a most beautiful spring soiree. So read on to get the low down on these amazing blooms.

spring2A true sign of spring is the lilac bushes blooming in romantic backyard gardens. The fragrance that lofts on the warm spring breeze is dreamy and sweet. Lavender, deep purple and white are the most common shades of this heavenly blossom. While Lilac is imported this time of year, it is locally available for approximately 6 weeks from mid April to mid May, depended upon Mother Nature of course. spring3As far as we are concerned here at the Sue Gallo Designs studio, this ruffled and fringed tulip is to die for! Such texture, so feminine, so reminiscent of spring. These little beauties are available in shades of pink, magenta, white, lavender, yellow and peach. spring4Peony blossoms are the most requested blossom here at the SGD design studio, and we know why. They are romantic, soft, luscious and completely feminine. Locally available from May until mid July, these beauties do come with a high price tag. But they are so very worth the money spent. Coral, yellow, red, hot pink, pink and blush these blossoms are among one of the longest used flower in the Eastern culture. I have a feeling they will be used for a long time to come too! spring10I must admit I simply adore Sweet Peas! I love the sweet little delicate blossoms and their sweet amazing fragrance. I simply can not get enough of these gorgeous blooms. Available almost year round now, you can find delicate sweet peas in shades of deep purple, lavender, pink, hot pinks, white, purple blues and the palest of peach. spring6This petite multi petaled beauty comes in wonderful and amazing shades of pinks, peaches, and creams. We simply can’t get enough of this little beauty. spring8We have the most wonderful Clematis Vine growing outside our front door. It is such a lovely sight each and every time we open our door. Clematis reminds me of my own mothers ever so lovely garden…happy memories of sweet times, childhood fantasies of garden fairies and gnomes. and gardening with my mom.  I really can’t get enough of this delicate vine blossom, even the vine itself is pretty amazing. Consider using it in your bouquet, it will certainly make a stunning statement. spring12As you have read, I love these blooms and I would totally have a difficult time when choosing my own bouquet. But if I did this is what it would be. A combination of them pretty, so  romantic and the most perfect spring bouquet. 

Tell me about your perfect dream bouquet and let us help you bring it to life for your wedding day.


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