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Helpful hints on planning budget friendly floral decor


Don’t get hooked on a particular flower, be flexible, when it comes to selecting flowers. Weather and regional conditions, as well as demand can alter the availability and price on particular flowers. Consider working with a colour palette rather than certain flowers. Be open minded on flower varieties, and be less specific with your flower choices. As long as the look and feel of the bouquets and centerpieces still fit in with your wedding theme, no one will be the wiser.

Consider the time of year you have selected to hold your wedding, and go seasonal with your choice of flowers. Peony blossoms are perfect for late spring and early summer bouquets. But when it comes to that must have blossom, in the fall, the price per stem can and nearly always triple. There are many reasonable  blossoms that are available year round such as roses, gerbera, carnations, and hydrangea. Just remember to think tulips and lilac in the spring and choose dahlia and chrysanthemums in the fall.

Almost every bride that we chat with considers using peonies in most or all of their bouquets and decor. Even in peek season, peony blossoms are expensive. So why not consider swapping out garden roses for peony blossoms. Garden roses are big full beautiful  blossoms with a fabulous fragrance. They have a similar full and layered petal look, it is a perfect subsitute for the peony blossom.

Carnations and baby’s breath are no longer your grandma’s flowers. Tightly compacted bouquets or arrangements of carnations are modern and budget friendly. Clouds of baby’s breath are romantic and light.  With the resurgence of these wonderful blossoms and with their irresistible prices, these  are a great options when working with a limited flower budget.

The big and full hydrangea blossoms are another very popular blossom, and some colours come with a high price tag. Don’t let this discourage you from using the blossom of your dreams. Although they might be costly, they are also large and much fuller blossoms. Allowing you to use fewer stems to achieve the same fullness and impact {in some cases just one stem} that a dozen roses would give you.

We all love a white wedding {check out Megan & Brad’s} but did you know that white flowers could be more expensive than more colorful blooms. That’s because white flowers tend to be more delicate, and can bruise or brown much easier and faster than other more vibrant flowers. We always order more to ensure that we have the most perfect blossoms for your centerpieces or must have bouquet.

Go simple, streamline your sense of style and save money at the same time. A grouping of mini vases and bud vases of various sizes and heights with one or two fabulous blossoms clustered together on a table does create a statement. Go for a minimal amount of flowers at varying heights. Choose a hand tied bouquet over a complicated cascade. The less complex a bouquet or an arrangement is, the more budget friendly it can be.

Keep an open mind when considering your flowers and remember that the possibilities are endless. There are so many beautiful flowers and creative ways to achieve the look and feel that you wish to achieve on your wedding day. With a well thought out plan and a vision, we can help you create the wedding of your dreams while keeping that most important budget in mind.

As always, happy planning.





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