planning 101 …. finding inspiration

Your wedding should be an extension of your personal style both as individuals and together as a couple. There is no better way than with the use of flowers to make your wedding day unique and unforgettable. Flowers convey your personal style, and create an ambiance that helps to complete the over all look and atmosphere that you wish to surround you and your guests on your wedding day.

At Sue Gallo Designs, we believe that there are no rules regarding the color and variety of flowers that you may choose for your wedding. Many fabulous weddings feature brightly hued and dramatic blossoms, while others use muted tones and neutrals to create an unforgettable event. The possiblities are simply endless.

Consider a style or theme…

Think about which type of style or theme you would like your wedding to take on. Vintage, Shabby Chic, Modern, Classic Elegance or Relaxed Elegance or Southern BBQ, which suits you best? Consider formality as well. There are flowers out there that can capture just that right feeling and help create that perfect atmosphere.

Consider the venue you have choosen. It is important to select a particular style and color theme that will also coordinate with the look and feel of your venue. It is an essential element when pulling together a fabulous atmosphere. That’s exactly what Darlene & Terry did when planning their fall wedding. Take a peek at how we helped them pull their ideas together for their wedding at Ruthven Heritage Park.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Books, wedding books, bridal magazines, television shows, and the internet are all great sources to gather ideas from. Clip & print photo’s that show styles, color palettes and arrangements that you like, {just as important are the things you dislike}. Don’t just limit yourself to bridal resources either. Great inspirations can come from decorating magazines…who knows that pink sofa on page 27 might just be that perfect hue of pink you’ve been dreaming of.

It can be all about the timing!

It can also be all about the timing. Flower selections do vary by season. Specific varieties maynot  always be availble out of season. Although,  we do have fabulous growers and suppliers who can supply almost any type of flower year round, they do tend to come with a higher price tag. Regions also play a role in flower availability. Sometimes we simply just can’t get those fabulous little white & yellow Plumeria Rubra blossoms that you fell in love with on your last Hawaiian vacation.

I’m not one to enourage a particular color tone simply because of a particular season. But sometimes, you just gotta go with shades of peaches and oranges because they look so fabulous against the crisp fallen leaves at your feet as you walk through the fall forest with your photographer!

Pulling it all together.

Doing your homework in advance will give us the direction we need to better understand your personal style and tastes. Photographs, color swatches, inspirational ideas, your invite and venue details, all these details and more will assist us with pulling all your ideas together so that we can help you create the wedding of your dreams.

We like to chat about the story you wish to tell with your wedding. The whole look of your wedding is important to us here at Sue Gallo Designs. Its all about the story, and the elements involved in telling that story. So the more information you can bring along with you to your consultations the better.

So now that you know how to gather your ideas, what are you waiting for? Let the planning begin….your wedding is just months away!! We can’t wait to hear from you and to chat all about it!

As always, happy planning.









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