Sue Gallo Designs brings you a pretty vintage country barn photo shoot

I love the cool crisp dew filled mornings, the slow and gradual change of seasons that is fall. This is my favourite time of year. I am inspired by the warm earth tones that surrounds the fall harvest of apples &  pumpkins,  country fairs, caramel apples and pumpkin pies. Corn fields that have yet to be harvested for the season. So when Leslie brought me down to see the wonderful and worn out barn that stands behind her family’s country home, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to create our Fall Vintage Country Shoot. Along with a little help from Leslie, together with her husband Wil and their new props & furniture rental company, Warehouse 84 {more on this fabulous company to come}, Mike’s barn was the perfect setting. Surrounded by the corn fields that rustled and crackled in the early evening breeze, the worn out and weather beaten barn boards  would help bring our vision of an intimate rustic barn dinner for 2 to life.

We hope that you find the shoot as inspiring to look at as we did to create it. As always happy planning.















{D E T A I L S}

Fresh Florals created by Sue Gallo Designs | Cafe Barn Lighting by Sue Gallo Designs | Vintage Country Shoot Styled by Sue Gallo & Leslie Groves | Props and Furniture Rentals from Warehouse 84 | Photography by Stefanyie Hamilton of Heart to Heart Photography | Menu Created by Quills | Model Jennifer Deeley

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