We love what we do in a really big way!

We are a more than a team of passionate and talented floral artists, we are stylists and event planners who create beautiful events. The entire planning process is about designing a personal look, something custom created with details that reflect your own personal and distinctive style. Our goal is to create a celebration that is a reflection of who you are, your story as a couple, a celebration that evokes emotion to create a one of a kind celebration of your love.

We are designers…you are our muse…together with our full-service celebration planning and creative event design, floral artistry and event production, our services truly marry together the back and the front end of your planning process to ensure that no detail is missed. Translating your personalities, styles, vision and story into every last detail.

To create the most perfect florals for your celebration, we creative brainstorm along with you. Colour palette, gowns, linens, stationery, chairs, plate & glassware, candlelight all are carefully curated aesthetics to seamlessly enhance the gorgeous florals that will surround you throughout your celebrations. The inherent beauty of each blossom is important to us and we make sure that these gorgeous blooms are front and center with each celebration we create.


Our focus is on making milestones remarkable and beautiful celebrations. Our promise is to deliver exceptional service for each and every wedding we take on. We limit our events per the calendar year.  As each and every couple we work with is different and we like to think of each event as custom created according to our client’s needs, prices vary greatly from one design to the next. We are a boutique company who specializes in making every event unique with its own character.

We suggest you schedule your date in our calendar 12 to 18 months prior to your wedding.

Contact us today and let’s chat about this fabulous wedding you are planning and how Sue Gallo Designs can work along with you to create a most remarkable celebration!