This is where we bring your fabulous vision to fruition. All the elements that you have taken so much care in planning all these months are loving put into place by our production team. Our team goes to work putting together all of your found objects and created elements to incorporate them along with our floral and decor elements to create an atmosphere that is an extension of your personal style and tastes … bringing your vision of a fabulous event to life.

Now that you have planned this fabulous wedding, it is time to sit back and enjoy the day. Allow our Coordinator to assist you and orchestrate your wedding day so you can spend cherish time with your love ones. As your professional planner, we will contact your venders and develope a detailed wedding day schedule with you ~ acting as the on-site wedding day director, trouble-shooter and calming force behind the hectic actives of your day. We ensure that all last minute details are attended to so that you and your family simply relax and enjoy your celebration, knowing that your wedding is being managed by a professional.