So what’s your theme?

We here at Sue Gallo Designs believe that your wedding should tell a story. A story of you, a story that is as unique as you both are as a couple, a story that tells your history, your life together and a peek into your new life together as husband and wife. So what better way to tell that story than to build your wedding around a theme. Wedding themes continue to be one of the most  popular bridal trends today. Themes are only limited to your imagination.

article 1Wedding themes can be as simple as a colour palette,  as fun as a vintage circus, as classic as the grand ballroom you are celebrating in…a theme gives you a great starting point to work towards as you begin your planning process. The secret to a successful and tasteful theme, is taking time to do it right, incorporating the right elements throughout the right areas of your wedding, and ensuring that it all ties together cohesively. There is nothing worse than a looking like your Pinterest board threw up all over your wedding. Take your time and do it right!

We all have unique tastes and personalities, and your wedding should be a reflection of you and your lives together as a couple. Choosing a theme, will help you  choose the right decor, accent with the most perfect flowers, select a beautiful colour palette and dance to the perfect music and create an atmosphere that is simply perfect to celebrate the love you have for each other.

Choosing a Colour theme may seem like a bit of a challenge. We here at Sue Gallo Designs often suggest that our clients think of the colours they use in every day life.  Choose colours that are a part of their personality, that they surround themselves with in their clothing choices and home decor. These colours are a direct reflection of your personalities and together work to create a truly unique personal style.

Your use of a colour palette can be as simple as using hues and shades of a particular colour. Introducing it throughout various elements, so that there is a cohesive feel throughout the wedding, without it being over powering through every element. Use various shades in your flowers, make a more impactful impression with the girls dresses, enhance your table scapes and make a splash with your shoes.
article 2Colour pallets can be symbols of sophistication and elegance. For example blacks & golds help to create a classic look. The pairing of  rich blues and purples create drama, and offers up the allure of opulence. Blush and palest of peach hues are reminiscent of romantic love. With endless colour combinations, it is easy to find the perfect pairing to enhance your wedding.

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, creating a personalized theme would be simply perfect for you. Now a days there are no rules to planning the perfect wedding. So stay true to your style. It is all about making it personal, about you and who you are. Woodland, Gatsby, Shabby chic, Vintage Rustic, the themes are endless. Getting married at the cottage … why not consider a nautical or beach theme. article 4Are you a huge hockey or foot ball fan?  We can have such fun with that theme, although I would suggest you introduce small elements of the sports theme as this can be too over whelming. Choose your team colours, number your tables by the yard line, offer your guests a candy bar in your team colours, exchange vows on the baseball diamond you first met on or the ice rink he first caught you on when you fell. article 5

There is certainly more to a wedding day, and the elements that you choose to surround yourselves and guests with will help create a memorable and unforgettable celebration. So be unique, be yourselves and stay true to yourselves and you will have the most beautiful, most perfect and most love filled day.

As always, we are here if you need a little extra help pulling it all together. Just reach out and say hello.

Happy planning. xo

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