Sue Gallo Designs Event Management Team ~ A wedding day must have!

With a little help from the Sue Gallo Designs event management team, we can assist you creating a celebration that is seamless from start to finish. A perfect and unforgettable celebration. Consider all of the hours {planning a wedding takes an average of 250 hours to plan} you have spent planning over the last few months to bring your wedding to life on your wedding day. You and your husband would like to and should enjoy your wedding! Not worrying about running the celebrations. You want to be part of it and enjoy everything you have worked so hard at planning.Whether you have planned a small intimate celebration of your love or a grand ballroom affair, having a day of coordinator on hand to ensure that your day runs smoothly and perfectly is invaluable, and a must have.

Working discretely behind the sences, the Sue Gallo Designs Event Management team ensures that your wedding day is simply perfect. We ensure that it goes off without a hitch, is stress free for yourselves, your parents and your wedding guests so that you all have an unforgettable celebration. To dispel some of the myths around a day of co-ordinator, here are some insights onto why we consider hiring a coordinator a wedding day must have, and what it really means to couples considering to work with one on their wedding day.

What exactly is a Day of Coordinator? Many planners use this term when referring to their services. We refer our services as Two Months of Coordination, as we work closely with you in the 8 weeks leading up to your wedding. Working closely with you as you put the final touches together so that we can ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. While managing your celebrations, we coordinate the logistics of your wedding day to make sure that everything you have worked so hard at planning comes together perfectly, just as you have always envisioned it. We are your liaison between the venue, caterer, musicians, dj’s, decorator, florist {of course you would be surrounded by beautiful Sue Gallo Designs florals}, photographer, and other wedding day professionals; we pull the pieces of the wedding day puzzle together and discretely handle any issues that may arise. The Sue Gallo Event Management team takes care of it all.

What type of couple should consider hiring a Day of Coordinator? We strongly recommend that every couple planning a wedding should hire a Day of Coordinator. Working along with a day of coordinator is a bit of an investment, but one that we consider worth while. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, not to mention the wedding day itself. Having a trusted professional at your side, working on your behalf that can handle the stress that comes along with a wedding will give you peace of mind and be worth every penny spent so that you can enjoy the celebrations you have been working so hard at planning.

What do Day of Coordinators do? When our event management team comes on board, we will sit down with you and chat about all of the plans you have been so careful to arrange up until that point in time.  We will reach out to all of your venders and introduce ourselves. We will review all of your vender contracts to understand who is doing what and when. We will create a day of timeline, which will break down all of the details regarding arrival times, start times, set up, break downs, and the general flow of your wedding day. We will do on site visits to both the ceremony and reception sites,  discuss details, to understand your final vision for the day and discuss final detailed plans for your wedding day. We will do a complete on site run through for your rehearsal. Finally our team will be there with you on your wedding day to run the show, to ensure that you have the best day ever!

Why choose a Day of Coordinator over the venue’s coordinator? Although some venues include a coordinator, and it may seem similar to that of a day of coordinator, trust us, the services are not the same. It is important that you know ahead of time what your venue coordinator is able and willing to do. In a nut shell, the main difference between our services and the venue’s co-ordinator, is that the venue’s co-ordinator, as an employee of the venue, works for the needs of the venue. Ensuring that all of your contracted requirements with the venue are taken care of {showcasing the venue, preparing the venue on time, ensuring the food is out on time etc.}  smoothly and in a timely manner. The SGD Event Management Team works for you. Our event team is with you from sun up to sun down {many venue coordinators leave once the meal has been served}, ensuring that every little detail you have worked so hard putting together is flawless, and orchestrated exactly as you have be planning. We oversee your entire day, from time management, ceremony, cocktail hour to reception transitions, prompt & organize venders, trouble shoot and ensure quality control of set up, personal details and decor elements. Our event management team allows you to be fully focus on bring a bride & groom, enjoying a stressless celebration together with each other and your family and friends.

Investment, as with other wedding vendors, you are making an investment into, arguably, the biggest day of your life. Many couples have never embarked on putting together an event of such magnitude and budget before. This can be a great learning experience, but also a headache. You may think that hiring someone to help plan is an added expense, but really the coordinator will save you frustration, time and money by being a source of ideas, resources and referrals to trusted amazing wedding professionals.

For details on specific services, email us to set up a meeting to discuss it in depth. All in all, it is an investment towards a stress-free wedding day.

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