The best tips for getting the wedding flowers you always been dreaming of.

We always suggest that our couples come prepared to their consultations so that we can get a better understanding of their personal style and vision for the day. Here are a few suggestions to help make the planning process that much easier, and for choosing the most perfect wedding  flowers. 

Most important you must do your homework before visiting us. This means gather together some inspirational ideas, think about what type of floral pieces you will require and how many. A few day of details will help us with the planning process. This way we will get a better understanding of what you have been dreaming of. It is so important to us that you to feel comfortable knowing that we understand that vision and that there is a connection between us so that we can help you bring your vision to fruition on your  wedding day, even if you can’t articulate or know nothing about flowers. Inspiration boards and Pinterest are wonderful ways of pulling together all of your ideas to share with us…we love seeing your vision and how you want everything to come together.

Think seasonal and choose your wedding flowers based on what is in season on your wedding day.  We can help guide you in the right direction and suggest other and less expensive options to help you achieve the look and feel that you have been dreaming of.

Love peony blossoms but getting married in September, why not choose a doppelganer …. peonies are a higher priced blossom out of season, but garden roses can give you the same look and feel that a peony blossom does.

Consider using a colour and design theme rather than a flower theme. Our designers can create over the top stunning arrangements and bouquets if you allow us the creativity to use a colour and design scheme rather than working with specific flower varieties. We can show you options to create that vision, which might help the pocket book and even save the day if you’ve choose out of season flowers.  Give us the chance to show you how spectacular your wedding flowers could be.

Did you know that there are no formal rules anymore to weddings … think outside the vase. Changing up the type of vessel you use for your centrepieces will totally help bring your wedding theme together seamlessly. Thinking about a Moroccan influenced wedding, considering using moroccan inspired iron urns & metal lanterns, wooden boxes, tea cups and vintage glass vases to hold your blossoms. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Nothing creates more interest, texture and helps pulls together a theme better than variety.

If flowers aren’t your thing,  than don’t force it! Consider using feathers, brooches, buttons, decorative wire, sea shells, branches, grasses and even fruit and vegetables to create an unforgettable bouquet or centrepiece. We always tell our couples that their weddings are extensions of themselves, so play it up create a truly personal wedding by choosing elements that express who you are.

On a budget? Who isn’t right? Consider mutli-purposing your blooms. The best way to stretch that budget is to have your ceremony blossoms repurposed for your reception. While helping you choose your floral decor, we will discuss your ceremony decor and ensure that it is cohesive enough to blend right into your reception decor. The Sue Gallo Designs event team will even take care of all of the relocation details and make sure that every blossom is put into it’s proper place for your reception celebrations.

Want something that is a little outside the box? Why not consider adding foliage to your floral decor. A popular trend this wedding season, incorporating  foliage will add texture, and silhouettes and turn a ho hum arrangement or bouquet into that something special. Some foliages can be just as costly as flowers, but there are a handful of them that will be stunning in your floral pieces and help you maintain that most important flower budget.

Don’t forget to make your wedding personal. Flowers are one of the easiest ways to give your wedding that personal touch. We believe that flowers should be chosen for a reason, so if your fiancé always buys you your favourite fragrance that reminds you of gardenias, or always brings you peony blossoms in the spring, or you want to incorporate a sprig of heather to honour his Scottish heritage, than do so. Weddings should tell your story, and what better way than choosing a sentimental blossom to help you do so.

As always, happy planning xo

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