the perfect bouquet

kirsten6You’ve found your gown and it’s stunning, the veil is perfect and the shoe’s to die for! All you need now is a magnificent bouquet to complete you as you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams.

The style of your bouquet should take it’s cue from the design of your gown. Weather you are planning a relaxing back yard celebration, a modern evening at a gallery, or a grand and elegant fete … the design should always reflect your personality and the feel of your celebration. Even your body type plays an important role in creating the perfect bouquet.

We always suggest that during your first consultation with us, you bring in a photo of your gown. If you happen to be modeling it, even better! Color swatches and/or fabric samples are always helpful as well. Why do we need these important facts? The answer is simple…your flowers should compliment you and your gown, not compete with it! That way we can assist you in finding the perfect style of bouquet, hand tied, cascading or gathered bouquet to complete the overall fabulousness that will be you on your wedding day.

As always, happy planning!







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